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Stand Out: Real Estate Virtual Tours

May 30th, 2014 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Marketing, New Technology, Digital Trends

With the era of technology as active as ever, gaminization, visual and digital presentations are essential features to success. A great way for Real Estate agents to stay ahead of the curve is to incorporate these trends into their branding portfolio. As tends continue to shine focus online as we see exponential adoption rates of platforms like Zillow, Truila, etc. Real Estate Agents know that Home Buyers are online, but the question is, what homes capture their time and attention.


With global advancements in technology and game features on the rise, Gamification for digital marketing is making its way to the forefront. Tradtional advertising tactics are going away as ordinary marketing materials are finding ways to become digital. 

Engagement Feedback

Gamification can help accelerate feedback cycles, decreasing the lag time of feedback loops many experience in traditional advertising methods. 

Compeling Content Comes Alive:

Allows sender to deliver a powerful, content driven message with powerful and compelling images that keeps a user coming back for me. 


Virtual Tours:

According to a survey from Visual Tours, “97% of consumers prefer home listings with virtual tours and multiple photos.” This concept is very similar to that of staging; buyers need to be able to visualize themselves calling this house, home.   

Industry Relevance

The ability to provide rich quality showcases tech savvy, trend following real estate agents. Virtual tours harvest many benefits to an on online marketing strategy and campaign. Virtual tours will improve your photographs greatly enhancing the location and product understand moving the consumer further through the visualization tunnel. Keeping up with technological trends shows both transpercny and indusrty knowledge, a combination that hand and hand will increase trust for any potential homebuyer.

Exposure and Return

This alleviates a lot for high class luxury buyers; it gives them the ability to showcase their beautiful estates without numerous, time constraining open houses. Essentially, Virtual Tours act as 24/7 open houses without the need to coordinate catering and clean up. ROI is significant, Virtual Tours done right are often so engaging that visitors return to the website again just to experience the visualization provided. This often increases the exchange and referral rate of users to online site. If trusted, many people will remember and use for all future related need.