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Home Staging for Salability and Success

May 20th, 2014 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Services, Real Estate Tips, Remodel

Staging your home for sale is no new news for the world of Real Estate. However, there are plenty of Do\'s and Don’ts when it comes to staging your home for salability and success. When putting your home on the market, it is important to keep in mind you are trying to attract a wide variety of buyers. Sprucing up a blank canvas with the smell of fresh baked cookies and the feel of a family life can set you apart from other sellers. Whether you decide to call in an expert or DIY, it is inevitable that the following tips will put you on the right path to achievement.

Brand you Product

When you position yourself in any avenue, think of yourself as a product or service. What message are you looking to give off? A dull, outdate home may not project the message you wish to deliver and in the end can deter you from meeting your end goal. Leah Collar, of MSN Real Estate makes a great point, “When you list you house for sale, it goes from being your home to a product.”  Putting in the time and money to present a beautiful product will allow you to stand out from other homes on the market. Although this is an initial investment, it guarantees returns. Here are a few tips you can do: 

  1. 1. Recruit an Expert. Staging done right can be a full time job in itself, consider the whole process and upfront investment and hire a professional. Their expertise and knowledge will provide clean, natural designs at a much faster rate. Often, they come in full force with the perfect tool kit, variety of furniture and that perfect touch. If you are on the fence of hiring for the whole service, perhaps tip and tricks from a consultant would be the right option for you.
  1. 2. Main Living Areas: While staging a home you are most likely moving in or looking for another one in the same time. The idea of staging the whole house may be daunting and worrisome and quite frankly not necessary. If on a budget or time constraint, focus on the main living areas. Focus on painting the picture where a family will spend their time, whether it be an inviting family room table where they can imagine Sunday Family Dinners or the breakfast nook in the kitchen where Mom can cook and still watch the kids. If you can only do one bedroom, make it the master.
  1. 3. Don’t take it personal: Allow buyers to visualize themselves in this space. Some of the best tips are to clean, get rid of clutter and depersonalize the space. Showcase storage and space, clear out the closets and remove unnecessary, bulky furniture.
  1. 4. Dull to Dazzling: Arguably the best return is a fresh coat of paint. Take the dull rooms and make them dazzle with new coat of paint. If a new facelift isn’t in the budget, take the old wash cloth out and scrub down the walls, you’d be surprised at what that can do for a space.


 So, don’t be behind the curve, be in front of the crowd with your beautifully staged home. Do what you can and ask for help when you need it! For more tips on staging your space, visit and to see what the experts have to say today!