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Optimizing Information Distribution with PDFs

July 25th, 2012 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Marketing, Services, New Technology

Introduced in 1993 by Adobe Systems, the Portable Document Format (or PDF) quickly became the internet’s most prolific universal document format.  After almost twenty years of success, it still offers great advantages, especially with today’s propagation of devices, from e-readers and tablets to smart phones.

That brings us to our first most obvious point: PDFs are portable. They can be easily viewed on most devices, regardless of operating system, hardware or software. PDF reading software is free and usually already installed on your device.  The text and fonts are embedded into a PDF so that the viewer sees the document just as if you printed it straight from your machine, even if the fonts aren’t installed on their viewing device.  PDFs prevent security issues to your document making unauthorized editing a difficult task.   PDFs provide the perfect elements for digitally distributing your marketing materials to potential clients as they are optimally sized, easily attachable files, and viewable on a website through most web browsers. 

PDF’s are also highly practical for countless other business tasks. If you need documents printed, PDFs allow for high quality printing.   Ease of creation allows for PDFs to be created from any source document/program, so the format can be used regardless of your graphic design program. From Windows, Mac, Linux, to even modern mobile phones and PDA’s, these can be opened on almost any system.

As a tool, the PDF has increased in dependability, usability, and relevancy in the business world. The modernity of technological advancements evolves in conjunction with your targeted market.  Today’s clients want simple, straightforward methods of information distribution and SM Sold promises to help you achieve your company’s goals.  SM Sold always utilizes the latest forms of technology, ensuring that our clients use it to their best advantage. 

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