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Invest in Your Website

February 20th, 2017 | by: Sara Johnston | Posted in : Marketing, Real Estate Tips, Websites, Digital Trends

Buyers usually search for homes online before visiting an open house or even talking to an agent. Many agents and brokers are adapting to this online trend by putting their efforts into a solid web presence, using SEO, and hiring staff to update their online platforms. But the national power players make it hard for individual agents to get unique attention from potential buyers.

The Real Estate industry has fully embraced internet marketing and now it has become one of the most competitive industries online. It’s almost unthinkable for an agent or broker to not have their own website and social media channels to get their name out to potential clients. Every tech savvy agent knows that Search Engine Optimization is vital in the online Real Estate business. But with so much competition looking to earn the favors of the ever-changing Google algorithm, more and more agents are turning to Pay-Per-Click campaigns to generate leads. 

Are you looking to break into real estate’s online market? Pay-Per-Click campaigns through Google AdWords or Facebook Ads are a cost effective way of getting quality traffic to your website. With PPC Campaigns you can narrow down your target audience by geographic area, language, demographic, and even online behavior. This targeted advertising is what brings in the quality leads you’re looking for.

Now, in order to capture those quality leads you need an optimized landing page for lead capture. Offering a free consultation or home worth analysis can entice potential clients to fill out their information on your website. This method of offering a free service is attractive to potential clients because it showcases your willingness to help out even before they put down any money.

While running a successful Real Estate PPC Campaign can be time consuming with so many parameters to take into account, it is a worthwhile investment. At SM Sold, we love helping our client’s make the most of their marketing dollars. Contact us today at 888.474.2004 to see how we can help!