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5 Resolutions that will Supercharge Seller Communication

December 4th, 2014 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Marketing, Client News, Digital Trends

The process of buying a home, both for the client and the realtor can be a lengthy process. In order to add some ease in the process, we recommend Realtors install these five solutions to aid the communication between seller, potential buyers, and of course, you- the realtor.


Our top suggestion is consistency, we recommending planning regular communication schedule. When listing property work with the seller so that they are in the loop, from start to finish of the selling process. A few great examples of keeping the seller, potential buyers and yourself in the loop can range from sending specific market snap shots to presenting them with weekly summary of activity for their listing. Finally, we recommend following up by email with any additional updates.


Secondly, Sellers and Potential buyers are seeking help from the experts, in order to fill these shoes, implement tactics such as coaching calling, is a great start. Plan a schedule. It will allow you to remain organized in the process and keep in touch with the seller and update on the progress of their home. Have a specific time and of the week, one that works for you and your seller. During the call, keep them updated on the market, showing you’ve had and anything else relevant to their property.


Third, inform the client with the marketing activities you plan to use. Provide them with the step by step information you will be using to market the property.  For example, make them aware of the software programs and systems you will be using to market their property. Educating them with this knowledge will again shine light on your expertise. Share with clients the different and effective methods that would be used to market the property from your website down to your print collateral. Our best suggestion is sharing a listing presentiation, outlining all your plans. Having a portfolio to work from shows professionalism and organization to a tee. 


Last, always keep your seller informed about the showings and the feedback you\'ve recieved from the showing. The feedback will help the keep the sellers in the loop about what is working, and what may not be working. It will allow them to make better descisions on weather there should be more or less open houses, price reductions, home stagging, etc.