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Four Tech Tips for Real Estate Professionals

January 25th, 2019 | by: SM Sold | Posted in : Services, New Technology, Real Estate Tips, Digital Trends

As we head further into the 21st century, agents and brokers have more and more ways to do their job better. Nearly every piece of technology a Realtor® needs can be found on their tablet or smartphone.

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Emerging Tech Companies Go Head-to-Head in Tech Tank at RealShare Apartments.

November 2nd, 2018 | by: Kelsi Maree Borland | Posted in : Marketing, Real Estate News, New Technology

Techology start-ups are rapidly arriving in the real estate industry, ready to solve a host of problems and enhance efficiency and productivity. At RealShare Apartments this week, emerging tech companies competed in Apartments Tech Tank—a Shark Tank-style demonstration. Domuso, Cloud Keyz, Smart Rent and One Spot Tech presented to four judges.

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Clearing your Cache

July 5th, 2018 | by: Astin Pollack | Posted in : New Technology

When using your web browser, files and webpages that you often visit are stored to make those pages load quicker when accessed again. This is a standard feature in all web browsers. Sometimes when loading into a website, you see a cached version and not the updated live version, causing many errors to occur. Clearing your cache does not damage information, but it makes your browser think you have never visited a certain webpage before. Think of it as spring-cleaning for your browser.

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