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The Science of Content Marketing For Real Estate

November 20th, 2013 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Marketing, New Technology, Social Media, Real Estate Tips

The online world is abuzz about content and inbound marketing. However, these concepts are not a passing fad. Consumers are gaining more and more control over their content sources, and tools like TiVo and Apple TV allow them to bypass straight advertising. That does not mean current consumers are different than others, they both dislike upfront advertising equally. However, current consumers are much more likely to engage with a company that is both honest and helpful to them.

Here are some recent statistics of people that purchase, rent and sell real estate. This will provide a starting point for marketing content ideas that will help you narrow your efforts. Information is instantaneous in the modern world, and you must be able to address their needs just as quickly.

-90% of all real estate buyers use the internet to search for homes. 78% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than advertisements. 70% believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them.

-Content marketing produces about three times as many leads per dollar as paid search. But real estate consumers are a diverse group, particularly when it comes to their age. 

Buyers are made up of: 31% Gen X, 28% Gen Y, 18% Late Baby Boomers, 14% Early Baby Boomers, and 10% are of the G.I. Generation.

Sellers are made up of 30% Gen X, 21% Late Baby Boomers, 21% Early Baby Boomers, 19% G.I. Generation,  and 9% are Gen Y.

Each of these groups has different needs and expectations of the real estate process, how will you create content to attract them? Use Data trends to create content personas that help you find topics you know each group will be interested in.

Gen Y families-76% of young buyers said the most valuable benefit their agent provided was helping them understand the process. Create an easy-to-understand beginner’s guide for the process.

Gen X families- 40% of Gen X buyers listed school district quality as a top factor in their choice of a neighborhood. Highlight the family-friendly nature of the communities you serve, and provide school district information.

Late Baby Boomers- 32% of late baby boomers planned to live in the home they purchased for sixteen years or more. Write a blog series addressing FAQ’s about purchasing foreclosed homes and emphasize long-term benefits.

Early Baby Boomers- 42% of this generation said heating and cooling costs were very important environmental features in a new home.  Create a guide about energy efficient home features, emphasizing that condos are much more energy efficient than houses.

G.I. Generation- 76% of G.I. Gen buyers purchased a home 2,000 square feet or smaller. Create a blog about small homes, profiling your most desirable small listings and offering tips for getting the most out of limited living space.