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The Breakdown: Business Blogs versus Facebook Fanpages

September 10th, 2013 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Marketing, Luxury, Services, Social Media

Looking to bring your business into social media marketing? A common question that is asked is what form of social media should I choose for my online business: creating a blog or having a Facebook fan page? It’s no secret that social media has become an overwhelmingly popular form of online marketing in recent years.  Remember now matter the social platform, social media is all about user-generated content that engages your audience.  But with so many different social media platforms and ways to “be social” online, what is the best method for your business?  


The launch of a blog is essentially the launch of your own online property.  First and foremost, the rules you have to follow are significantly less than on a major social media platform – including Facebook.  You can just about post anything you desire on your blog and include the implementation of user-generated key words, embedded links, videos, and more.  The key here is that blogs allow you to create your own key words that are specific to each individual blog post. It’s good to remember that blogs are easily shareable as you can share a blog almost anywhere online, even your existing social media platforms.

Facebook Fanpages

Facebook has different rules and regulations that are not under your control. At any point in time the rules on Facebook can change, and you are forced to abide by their rules.  Facebook is always changing.  As the rules change, the layout and the way information is displayed can also change – and it’s also out of your control.  For example, remember last year when the Facebook cover photo was first introduced or when the timeline was integrated as the base design of the profile layout?  These were all changes made to profiles that were out of our control! The cover photo forever changed social media marketing as it serves as an advertising space that is suppose to avoid a call-to-action. Now, businesses have been striving to best utilize the cover photo as a way to showcase their services while marketing their brand.  Facebook has one major benefit; there are almost a billion users to date – making it the most popular social media network. 

SM Sold\'s Conclusion

There are many benefits that both blogging and Facebook have to offer, and it’s not to say one is necessarily better than the other.  Don’t feel like you have to choose just one platform – both of these methods of social media marketing are very different, and can both be beneficial and effective to your audience. In the end Facebook may have a billion users right now, but it’s the social media platform that’s dominating in the current time.  Social media is always changing and we don’t know what the next big social media platform will be five years from now.

SM Sold offers custom social media maintenance packages that are tailored to your business, your niche, and your targeted audience.  Contact us today for a free consultation, as we can assist in creating and establishing your social media presence – customized blogs, individualized posts for Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest, are some of the many social media services SM Sold can offer to you.