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SM Sold Revamps Destin Real Estate Company E-Campaigns

September 20th, 2013 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Marketing, Client News, Services

Is your real estate business in need of e-campaigns? SM Sold’s creative design team can create custom e-campaigns to optimize your online marketing strategy with a sleek new look.  

Recently SM Sold revamped the design of e-campaigns for Destin Real Estate Company and has had an overwhelmingly positive response.  Catering to the specialty market of watercolor homes in Destin, Florida, SM Sold used ocean blues to create a modern new design to capture the beach home mood. Each e-campaign type has undergone an improvement in design to present the content in a new and improved layout.

Exploring SM Sold’s e-campaigns has never been more user-friendly, as we’ve revamped our exisiting design with Destin Real Estate Company.  Contact SM Sold today for a free consultation on our design processes, as our e-campaigns are tailored to fit your niche market, your branding, to ultimately deliver a branded message to your online viewers.