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Summer Maintenance Tips

May 22nd, 2015 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Customer Service , Marketing, Services, Digital Trends

Summer is a time for barbecues and fun. It’s also a great time for some home maintenance. Here are some tips to help you feel great during your summer fun.

Unless you’re a cactus, you’ll probably be making good use of your air conditioning unit this summer. Therefore, it’s important to keep it in good working order. One way to do this is to have it tuned up. Getting your AC tuned can keep it running and help keep your summer electric bills low. It can also prevent unwanted emergencies, by ensuring your fan is functioning and there is no fire risk from faulty wiring.

Summer is the perfect time for a great barbecue. It’s definitely the season to bring out that old griller. However, before you start cooking it may be time to give your grill a good scrubbing. Here’s how to clean it. For gas grills, turn the heat up and let the grill cook for about half an hour with the lid closed. After, wipe down the exterior with a damp sponge and cleanser. For charcoal grills, empty the grill and wipe away the ashy residue. Clean the inside with hot water and some dishwashing soap. After cleaning your grill, you’ll be ready for an epic summer cookout!

You should have your roof and windows inspected to make sure there are no problems. By catching small problems, you can fix them before the rainy season comes in and aggravates it. Also, inspect your windows to make sure it keeps the summer heat out of your home. Giving your home’s exterior a good wash may also be in order. A pressure wash is a good way to remove dirt and stains from your walls. Give your windows a good scrubbing as well.

Nothing beats a pool when it comes to entertaining during the summer. Chances are it’s been a while since your pool has seen some use. It’s time to get it ready for the summer by cleaning it up. Get a pool brush and brush down the walls and floor of your pool. You should be doing this at least once a week. Next, get rid of any leaves or debris with a leaf net. Use a vac head or your automatic pool cleaner to further remove debris. Make sure your pool filter is also in working order. Test your pool waters daily to ensure that the chemicals levels are normal. You’ll ensure a great summer with proper maintenance of your pool.

Summer is a great time to relax and conduct some quality home maintenance. Home maintenance will ensure your summer is enjoyable and stress free.