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Social Media for Real Estate: User Engagement

March 14th, 2016 | by: Lauren Biedenharn | Posted in : Marketing, Social Media, Digital Trends

Social Media is great for connecting with friends and family, but it’s more than that. Social Media is the mainstream way to share information and promote all that’s YOU! You want to share information and promote what you do, and if you are a Real Estate Agent – you want to promote your services and your business.

There is so much clutter on social media that it’s hard to stand out and really use this media platform as a tool to bring traffic to you or your website. Neil Patel is just one of several marketing professionals who know how to optimize your social media usage and presence to really matter for your marketing campaign. He mentions in his podcast with “One-Click Lindsey” from Traffic and Leads  one of the most fundamental ways of engaging others on social media to pay attention to you and your message.  Neil’s lesson seems simple but it takes finesse to get it right. He conveys that involving multiple users at a personal level results in more engagement. For example: If you are blogging or posting about getting a house ready for the market, you should add “tags” of companies or friends that you would refer as your stager, photographer, handyman, etc. This involves these people and gives answers to those readers who want to prepare but do not have the contacts. Your contacts will be happy for the referral and might refer you back, or like the post, or share it, etc.

These engagements and “give-backs” help build your reputation as well as making your social media marketing stronger and more powerful. Another way to engage and “share support” to get support is commenting on other’s posts and blogs. You should be genuine and sincere in your comments and sharing to gain the most “brownie-points” as well build relationships with the connections you are engaging in. 

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