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Property Websites: Stand Out from the Crowd

October 12th, 2015 | by: Erwann Hickel | Posted in : Customer Service , Marketing, Real Estate Tips, Digital Trends

Have you ever wondered if your client’s property was getting the attention it deserved? If your answer to that question is yes, it is time to consider individual property websites.

Sellers want to work with the right agent, the one that will use the right tools to market their property. Having an agent website and being active on social media builds your credibility as a Realtor®, and while those things help you stand apart from the competition, your clients expect their property to stand out from the crowd. Just putting it in the MLS does not do it anymore. How do you justify a commission without doing some out of the box marketing?

Real estate websites that focus on one particular listing offer a lot of advantages. First of all, it tells both sellers and potential buyers that you mean business and know your market. Not all agents offer this service and your sellers will definitely appreciate an agent who is willing to go the extra mile for them. 

Property websites allow agents to market their listings in creative ways. A sleek, image-heavy design that provides complete information on the property and its unique features will attract potential buyers and will help them make an educated decision. The Single Property website’s URL address features the property’s postal address, which makes it easy to find in search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Those websites also do better on social media.  Visitors are more likely to share those Single Property websites than a generic Real Estate website. Agents can easily post the property to Facebook or Twitter, and sellers are very likely to do the same thing, sharing the website within their own sphere of influence, who might in turn share it. Good Search Engine Optimization combined with the viral approach of Social Media make for a successful web marketing campaign.

Sellers love Single Property websites because they make them feel special and allow for less commission negotiating. Buyers love them because they find all the information they are looking for in one place. At SM Sold, we love building them. Contact us and request a quote today!