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It's Almost Summertime

May 15th, 2015 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Customer Service , Marketing, Holiday Tips

As the final month of spring dawdles away, we wait with bated breath as summer makes its way to us. To many, summer means barbecues, parties, and fun. It also means heat, sometimes exceeding 100 F. It’s no question that the next three months are going to be hot and we want to make sure your home accommodates you with utmost reliability.

One of the most important things to have on hand during the summer is an air-conditioning unit. After all, on days where the temperature soars past 100 F, an AC may as well be your best friend. If you want AC coverage all summer long you should consider getting a professional tune up on your unit. Typically you should be getting a tune at least once a year. A professional can check for potential damage and make sure your unit will be ready to handle the summer heat.

Of course, air conditioning isn’t the only device that can keep you cool. You’re fans are excellent, more energy efficient ways to keep cool. Unfortunately, if you’ve retired your fans for the majority of the year, it’ll be wise to clean them up before use. Otherwise that helpful fan may actually turn out to be a dust tornado.

Fans and air conditioning are great for keeping cool inside, but sometimes it’s just good to get some fresh air. During the hot summer months, the patio is an extension of the living room for many people. Your patio furniture may be a little rough around the edges from the previous months of neglect. If it is, a simple rinse with the garden hose, followed by a light scrub will do the trick. Wood furniture should also be sanded down and have sealer reapplied. Be sure to clean your grill properly as well, before firing up those summer barbecues. Warming up the grill before a clean will make it easier to remove the grease and residue.

Of course, some unexpected guests may arrive when you are outside enjoying your patio. After all, the summer heat means pests are more active. To keep mosquitos at bay, I recommend eliminating standing water sources in your yard. Additionally, citronella and marigolds are excellent plants that repel these pests.

Being comfortable in your home during the summer shouldn’t be difficult. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy your barbecues and relaxing summer nights to the fullest.