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How to Prep for Shifting Markets

December 6th, 2016 | by: Steve Pollack | Posted in : Real Estate News, Economy, Social Media, Real Estate Tips

It’s hard to know exactly what changes will happen and how it will affect the market, so the best thing is to prep for any type of market that may come your way.

What does that mean? Usually when markets are unstable its best to be conservative and to cut your costs so that if the market has an issue or is slow, you can still keep your positive cash flow in the most trying times. So slim down to the necessities and get creative with what really works with the least amount of cost to you in the bank and with time.

Marketing is an essential part of being a Real Estate Agent – but it doesn’t have to be extremely costly or flashy. What you need is the biggest bang for your buck and marketing that really gets you results versus makes you and your branding look special – save that for the golden days!

How can you cut back on costs without killing your marketing momentum? Try these cost-effective methods:

(1)  Constant Contact Via Email Contacts – keep top of mind and share valuable information about the market directly with your clients and referrals

(2)  Maximize Your Social Media  - Now is a great time to start building your social media presence and following. The best thing is that you can post often for not much cost but you do need a plan to really utilize this tool to its potential, and don’t forget hashtags!

(3)  Networking Events – If your marketing budget is low, try something that gets you face to face with people who can learn about the market and ultimately YOU. Show up to all the networking events you can to meet the most amount of people and opportunities

There are lots of other ideas and ways to really boost your marketing even in a shifting market. If you need more ideas, help, or just help with running your marketing overall do not hesitate to call us today! We specialize in helping agents with marketing in all markets and all budgets just ask us how.

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