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Hottest Social Media Trends for 2013

January 30th, 2013 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Marketing, Real Estate News, Services, New Technology, Social Media

Facebook’s Graph Search for Real Estate

As we all know, social media giant, Facebook has been stirring up a new search technology to be released within the next few months called ‘Graph Search’. What does this mean for businesses? It means more brand awareness and exposure to your company. As people will be able to search phrases such as “Which friends have been to Orange County who likes real estate”, the results will yield any person that has relatable content on their Facebook. This will funnel the person, who is conducting the search, all the way down to your business’s fan page. Graph Search can help businesses only if used correctly. To do so the business must have everything on their page updated, including the address, because searches will show the company if a specific location is searched by the person.

Marketing Success with Instagram

Another social media outlet that the real estate business can utilize is Instagram. This photo sharing application, specific to mobile devices, has been becoming increasingly popular with users growing into the millions. Instagram can benefit your marketing campaign because of the massive amounts of time being users are spending on their mobile devices. It would be a mistake not to use this application to your advantage. Some marketing solutions for using the app would be to post photos of current property listings and giving it a location on the app’s “photo map”. This allows users to easily see where all your listings are on their map. Also, be sure to utilize hashtags strategically to gain more exposure. An example would be #RealEstate or #HomesforSale. Instagram also gives the real estate agent the option to use their smart phone as a camera for taking nearly close to professional photos. This option can cut costs, especially if you have been paying for a professional photographer.

Twitters newest Video addition

Twitter is also in the race for social media dominance. Twitter has recently released their photo editing features to compete with the famous photo sharing application ‘Instagram’. Now Twitter’s CEO has released a new free app called ‘Vine’, where users can create six-second mp4 videos and share it with friends either through Twitter or Facebook much like ‘Instagram’ but in a clip format. These videos can be used as advertisement for your business and can be done with just six-seconds. Depending on how you want to execute the video you can make an everlasting impression in such a little amount of time if made correctly. Although Vine is a fairly new app and has kinks to work out, it has potential to be utilized in marketing for businesses. Stay in tune with this new mobile app and take it for a test drive. You might just want to catch on before everyone else if the app proves to be successful.

With all these new social media features given to us, we must use it to our full advantage. Here at SM Sold, we specialize in social media and content management for our clients. This includes a content management plan that is geared specifically towards your unique agency. We offer a variety of social media services including coverage on Facebook, Twiter, Linked In, and more! Contact SM Sold today for a free consultation as we can design a social media coverage plan that’s right for your business.