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Gardening Guide for the Fall Season

September 21st, 2012 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Client News, Real Estate News

Our client The Bowen Team has released a new blog , \'Gardening Guide for the Fall Season.\'

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The fall season is finally here, now is the perfect time of year to refresh your home’s garden space.  Fall is the perfect time to begin gardening as you can work outdoors in a cool environment.  Improve the look and feel of your garden with these helpful tips.

Get it Growing

To achieve optimal growth and fertility in your garden, the best type of mulch to use is organic.  Organic mulch will naturally decompose and help the soil retain moisture.  Common resources used for organic mulch to keep your soil fertile are: composted manure, shredded newspaper, and leaves. Spread these materials on the surface of the soil and let them do their magic. After being absorbed into the soil, these materials will need to be refreshed periodically.


Change your approach on how to manage stubborn weeds that you can save both time and money. Use inorganic mulch, such as plastic or stones, to hinder the growth of these weeds and leave holes in the plastic so water can drain. Inorganic mulch will stop the growth of some weeds, but be sure to remove it if you want to re-fertilize the soil or plant more seeds.

There’s no need for an extensive amount of harsh chemicals to destroy weeds that have already grown. An excess amount of chemical weed killers in your garden may harm your plants and soil and is not the most cost-effective form of de-weeding.

Another method to eliminate weeds is to pour boiling water on them. The effects are instantly noticeable as weeds will turn brown right instantaneously. Weeds will die before the next day and disintegrate within a week. For larger weeds, cleanup of dead plant remains may be necessary.

The Finishing Touches

After taking care of the soil and weeds, you can finally concentrate on improving the garden’s appearance. If you have an old or broken fence, consider replacing as this deters negative attention away from your garden. You can save money on the fence by purchasing materials to build one rather than buying pre-built fence.

Decorate the garden with furniture with lawn chairs or decorative statues, as this creates an inviting environment.  Your garden should be the focal point to the guests, not your furniture so be careful not to overdo the outdoor décor.

Create clear paths for people to walk through so they can enjoy your garden.  Consider sprucing up the path by laying stone tiles or planting artificial grass on the path. Lastly, make sure you choose plants and outdoor decorations that complement each other. Follow these tips and you and your guests will enjoy a more stylish and elegant garden this season!

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