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You’ve Handed Over the Keys, Now What?

August 21st, 2014 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Real Estate Tips

It is important for any agent to understand, whether they are a rookie or seasoned, the job does not end when the dotted line is signed. There are a lot of fundamental components that go into maintaing a client relationship and assuring your client will recommend you in the future.

Recently released by Inman News, there are several ways agents can stay relevant in the lives of their clients after the keys have been handed over.

The Phone Call:

 Check in with your client, even if it’s casual conversation. Ask them how the move went, if they are settling in? Engagement and conversation that shows you care, increase the amount of trust and satisfaction the client has for you.

Vendor Support:

There is more that comes to just moving in. Here at SM Sold when we develop a client site, we often look a few steps ahead, urging our clients to promote a concierge page, giving their clients access to the preferred vendors in the area. Remember, you are the expert. Clients are looking to you to answer quick and easy, any question they may have.

Tax Season:

Back the expert. A great agent is always thinking ahead. We all know that during tax season we scramble around to find all the necessary information, including you. Go the extra mile and send a copy of your clients closing statement to them during tax season! This will be recognized as going above and beyond!

Stay Relevant:

For some of your clients, they may be moving a neighborhood from where they grew up, others may have started a brand new journey to an unknown place. In either case, sharing up to date location information about events, news, social outings and so forth showcase that you remain active and involved in the community. Provide sources and information that will be helpful and useful in their day to day lives.

Party Time:

Enjoy your clients. Host a party for you network once a year. Celebrate your accomplishments, while extending your network.


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