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How to Retarget Leads

September 2nd, 2014 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Uncategorized

Benefits of Retargeting Leads

When viewing our website stats, we find that people who have perused through the site do not always necessarily come back. There could be many reasons for this- people may just be skimming through, or simply forgot the name of the website. Some people do intend to return back to your site- perhaps they just need a reminder.

Retargeting site visitors is essentially prompting them to check out your site to make sure they didn’t miss out. The goal is to suggest the users to engage more on your website so that they can find what they need. With the right technique, you will receive increased traffic on your site- and therefore more potential leads.

How It Works

By obtaining a user’s “cookies” (search history/website visit tracker search engines use), websites can gather information about what that person had been looking for.

Using key words and previous website visits, other sites can suggest similar things to what you were previously viewing- through the form of ads. For example, after browsing through an online clothing store, certain items that you had considered purchasing beforehand pop up once again- but on a different site. This is how re-targeting works.

Google uses the data from both the amount of clicks an ad receives and its quality score to determine how much the ad will cost. A quality score is measured by obtaining data from the amount of engagement on your website receives because of the ad itself. Retargeting actually costs less than a standard pay per click campaign because it gives real results from people who are genuinely interested in your site.

Start Retargeting

To begin retargeting potential leads, these ads can be set up with the help of Google. Decide on what you want the ad to reflect upon your business. Carefully consider how you wish to market the ad using the best pictures, colors, information, etc. You can set up key words which trigger your ads to come up once the user has typed them in, or once they are viewing a site related to the keywords.

Retargeting has been proven to generate leads for people who are smart about their online campaigns. It is very cost efficient and has a great impact upon online presence.

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