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Tips for Marketing Your Luxury Home

October 17th, 2013 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : New Homes, Marketing, Luxury, Client News, Services, Real Estate Tips, Websites

Marketing a luxury home is no easy task.  It takes the right resources, connections, and strategies to achieve a marketing solution that will expose your home to the desired clientele and sell the property in the time frame you’ve set.  Multi-million dollar homes require marketing techniques that are intended to attract a specific audience and tailored for luxury and high-end buyers that are expecting to see quality. 

It is common that luxury real estate agencies use their top brokers to boast their past career to give credibility to their current status in the luxury real estate market.  Building your brand is dependent on being confident and also having the numbers to show it.  Utilizing the story of an agent’s career builds a sense of assurance that you’re working with a successful individual that really knows the ins and outs of the market.  Demonstrating credibility is your key to luxury marketing success.

All luxury properties have incredible amenities and offer exceptional qualities that make them a truly unique home.  Although highlighting the amenities of a single property is critical to marketing a luxury property, showcasing the community as a whole is equally important.  An interested buyer is not only buying a luxury home, they’re buying a prime location, an excellent neighborhood, and a prestigious community.  Buyers that feel a strong sense of belonging within a community often attribute this to be the factor that motivates them to choose one property versus another. 

Here are some ideas for marketing your luxury home:

• Coordinate a private party hosted by a local art gallery. Send out special invitations to a select group of people so that it’s clear that consideration and planning went into the event. Guests will feel more inclined to preview the home if they feel they were hand-selected to come. Check out an invitation that the SM Sold team custom designed to showcase 3388 Via Lido, an exclusive property in Newport Beach, CA.

• Hold a “Broker’s Open”. Prepare the property for the preview by offering catered or homemade food and refreshments. Be sure not to invite the masses- the only people you want walking through the doors are those that would have a genuine interest in the property.

• Create a property website. Luxury home marketing requires an online presence, and a property website is just the right solution to showcase the abundant amenities and custom comforts of a luxury home. SM Sold recently launched a property website for the Smith Group to exemplify the alluring amenities and property features of 1101 Dolphin Terrace.

• Send out visually appealing print collateral decorated with professional photography that sells the property to high-end buyers without you having to be present.

The SM Sold team works closely with you to determine how to set you apart from the crowd. All of our solutions are custom designed to reflect your business so you are never stuck with boring templates that are lack luster and don’t fit your needs. Contact us today to revitalize your business the SM Sold way.