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The POWER Behind an Open House

July 29th, 2014 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : New Homes, Marketing

Open houses have become more disputed upon in recent years due to the fact that some realtors believe there is no longer much of a need for them. As online marketing and virtual home tours have become increasingly popular, it is understandable that some realtors no longer believe in the traditional open house method. They look at it as a waste of time, not enough comes out of it, and with the internet, its almost pointless. Despite this, realtors who have combined the power of open houses and online marketing have reaped the benefits whether they have sold the home or gained clients for future reference. 

As the real estate world is continually being shaped by online listings, virtual tours, social media, and other online communication, it is called into question by many if open houses are really necessary anymore. Some agree that they are essential, saying that open houses create a more personal experience for the potential home buyers. Realtors have a chance to talk and relate with the potential buyers, making it a more enjoyable experience for them. Even if the viewers to not end up purchasing the property, the realtor could have created a connection with them for future business. There are many potential home buyers that may wish to visit an open house whether they have discovered the listing online or just spotted one of the signs while passing by. Even if people come in to peruse, it is very important to note them as possible future clients. Neighbors are often found taking a quick glance at the home, but even if they are not looking to buy, they may have friends/family they may have searching for a property. Overall, open houses will help to expand valuable client base.

Open houses can generate lots of activity, especially if it is conducted and advertised in the proper professional manner. Many realtors who believe in the open house place the listing on their business website, websites such as, Trulia, and Zillow. They may also post about the listings’ open house on social media sites such as twitter and facebook. Using the Web in order to boost the traffic an open house receives is very useful because let’s face it- the Web has become where the majority of home buyers are searching. Real estate companies can benefit from the showing of open houses in many ways, while continuing to have an advantage due to online marketing/social media.