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SM Sold\'s New Office Location

July 1st, 2013 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Marketing, Services

SM Sold has officially relocated to a new corporate office, located in Orange County\'s South Coast Metro region.  

SM Sold\'s new location offers a modern office space including private conference room, 3D Visual production workspace, full kitchen, and a waiting and reception area.  SM Sold employees can enjoy the rich local amenities including over twenty restaurants within a five minute walk, local Orange County food trucks visiting daily, and outdoor seating with a nearby lake.

SM Sold president Steve Pollack is pleased with the new vicinity, "It has been a four month journey but we have finally arrived. I am delighted with the new office and look forward to a productive four years in the future."

Prior to moving to South Coast Metro, SoftMirage occupied a space in Irvine, California, neighboring John Wayne airport. Please make note of the contact information changes including our new address and phone number.


SM Sold

201 E. Sandpointe Ave., Suite 125

South Coast Metro, CA 92707

New Phone: (714) 546-7033

Toll Free: (888) 474-2004