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Navigating the New Facebook Timeline Effectively for Business

May 24th, 2012 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Client News, Services

Facebook is now the most popular social media networking tool in the world with over 845 million active users, and over 100 billion connections as of 2012. In September 2011 the new ‘Facebook Timeline’ was unveiled, and is now available to all users. To keep up with modernizing social media platforms and user capabilities, Facebook has slowly begun converting its users and will eventually convert your business page! Is your company’s Facebook page ready for this radical change? Let SM Sold provide you with useful insight to effectively navigate through the new Facebook timeline.

Aim for the Big Picture

The timeline is a new kind of profile that lets you highlight photos, events, and experiences to tell a story. The way the timeline organizes your past postings is by year, and from there it showcases the most important events and postings. Take this as an opportunity to record notable milestones in your company’s business so that Facebook emphasizes the successes and truly significant events you’ve posted throughout the years. Share an interesting story with your fans and the entire community at any given point of time on your company’s timeline.

Smart Cover Photos

A hot new feature on the new Facebook timeline is the ‘cover photo.’ The cover photo is a large image of your choice located on the top of your timeline, above your profile picture. These images are public, and anyone visiting your timeline will be able to view this image.

Be smart and use a meaningful image that is visually appealing and interesting. Carefully select a cover photo to showcase an important aspect of your business. Companies choose images that are often logos, sale banners, event promotions, or images of their products and services. Update your cover photo every once in a while, just like you do with your profile image.

Take a look at these customized cover photo creations by SM Sold

SM Sold:

Bond Street Partners:

Need Inspiration?

Whether you want your cover photo to be a single image or a collage, check these cover photos by some big name companies.  Communicate with SM Sold so we can customize your cover photo to fit your preferences and your bottom line.

Coca-Cola’s collage-style cover photo:

Google’s single image cover photo:

Navigating the new ‘Admin Panel’

Manage everything in one place with the new ‘Admin Panel’ located in the header of your Facebook page. Your notifications are consolidated in one place for easy access and viewing, right at the top of your timeline. The new user ‘likes’ allows you to see who has recently ‘liked’ your page, giving you the opportunity to reach out to these potential clients, and even direct message them! Direct messaging capabilities have changed and do not allow for mass messaging, so this significantly cuts down on spamming.

The business insights section of the admin panel produces a convenient, color-coded line graph that displays the regularity of your posts, who’s posting about you, and your company’s outreach frequency. This section provides you with the latest trends on your profile activity, and we highly recommend you take advantage of this useful tool.

SM Sold provides a wide range of social media services for businesses, including Facebook services. SM Sold can create completely customized Facebook Fanpages that are fully branded to fit any business.  Contact SM Sold today for further inquiry, and our specialized team of social media experts can help build your business.