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How is the Digital Landscape Changing for 2015

December 16th, 2014 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Uncategorized

As the year comes to close, marketers alike, no matter what the industry are planning their marketing strategies for the next year. Us too, thought it would be a great idea to put together a list of 15 ways we for see the digital landscape changing in 2015.

1. Just do it is not doing – The fact of doing is more than it seems. An integrated focus and strategic outline for your digital marketing will set you apart from your competition. Be mindful, your channels should regularly be updated, with the ability to focus on data and conversions. Keeping ahead also requires providing relevant and engaging content through your marketing solutions and staying ahead of what is trending. Exercise the mind!

2. Data - Analyzing complex data such as social media and combined with internal data been able to forecast the future needs of the clients and target market with the digital marketing and through digital channels.

3. Paid search become a necessity - Search engine marketing is most powerful method .Paid media is used to amplify positive sentiments to generate traffic from paid media such as testimonials about customer experience and constant change in search algorithms.

4. Marketing and sales consolidation –Digital media has integrated marketing and sales where it had become really closer together. Faster to respond to the market place due to integration get more out of marketing perspective of sales.

5. Humanized digital experiences – The human representation due to digital media where more face to face interaction and the company marketing messages signed by individuals. The company is represented by an ambassador. Leads to more training to be more digital savvy.

6. Socially educated professionals - Organization consider social media programs to help manage social media. It is constantly changing and business has to be well educated to have structured social media training depending on the business to take the business next level.

7. Go responsive and remain ignorant-it is good to have responsive website adjust and degrade gracefully based on the type of device. The company website builds in a responsive manner so that in 2015 more mobile sales will exceed.

8. Think like a publisher - Publisher content marketing will continue to grow such as blogs posts. More entertaining and humorous content attract target market. Develop content marketing planning refer to the content of the company for online channels such as videos or blogs should be planned out for 2015.

9. Optimizing the digital journey – Focus on end to end customer journey digital experience and target customer browsing through the website by moving from conversion optimization. Experience optimization digital marketing efforts purely on conversions and dealing with it as an ecosystem.

10. Deeper integration between high touch and high Tec - Social media and digital activities combined together they produce exponential results that integrate social media channels between customer and the business.

11. In 2015 more focus in micro targeting and hyper segmentation - Marketing criteria to reach the potential customers. Extreme targeting is now achievable through digital.

12. Growth of social collaboration – The ability to work with teams virtually enhances the ability to work with team members. Capture the knowledge of the entire network and resources. And remove boundaries between internal and external groups.

13. Utilizing the power of digital story telling – Stories could be in the form of video based or through presentation for marketing purposes could be considered.

14. Increased adaptation of marketing automation tools – Manage the digital complexity is an absolute requirement to personalize and customizes marketing messages. With automation cut down on cost and increase timeliness produce higher engagement levels and better results.

15. More wearable technologies - smart watches apple watch, Samsung galaxy gear and health and fitness wristbands, jawbone, FitBit.The need for more accessible and multi- format content. Unlimited application for personal and business use.