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Going Techy

January 31st, 2014 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : New Technology

Home tech is on the rise! With the launch of Nest Protect this fall, it serves as a prime example of the home technology trend.  These tech savvy household appliances are going beyond simple applications and becoming a part of our modern day existence. No high-tech expertise necessary!

Keep a look out for these life hacks!

- Big appliances with tiny screens. 2013 saw an influx of refreigerators with touch screens that allowed syncing with cellphones for grocery lists. 

-Light controls via phone apps. Applications can control dimming, switching on and off, or even set on timers. 

-Elecronic key replacements via phone apps. Lock your doors remotely and lose the clutter of multiple keys.

-Multiple function game consoles for gaming and television needs.

-Everything is connected via the internet. It has become "the internet of things".