Sold 5: Our Latest Content Management Solution

Celebrating 12 Years Of Building The Best Customized Agent And Broker Websites: Sold 5 Is Here

SM SOLD is truly unique and unmatched in its offerings of customized, integrated marketing solutions. Only by nurturing a holistic approach, away from templated and one-size-fits-all solutions, your marketing horsepower can be fully unleashed. SM SOLD creates every asset with sensitivity to the overall symphony, integrated as an intrinsic part of an overall marketing message. Through our unique approach, we built Sold 5, a beautiful solution tailored to fit your needs and your bottom line. Our all in one, CMS allows you to focus on your bread and butter, selling Real Estate.

Why use Sold 5?
  • Easy to Use-Hassle Free
  • Completely Customized
  • All in One Content Management System
  • Regulated Security
  • Integrated Real Estate Lead Management Tool
  • Performance and Metrics Tracking


Features at a Glance
  • Refined management and organization of content
  • Supports all current internet browser applications
  • Multiple photo loader with drag and drop capabilities
  • Supports all types of properties; commercial, land and residential 
  • Manage Status of Listings
  • Ability to assign listings to groups 
  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for listings
  • Improved management of agent profiles 
  • Individual agent management with website security 
  • Improved Lead interest profile, catering to Lead's specific profile
  • Integrated blog application 
  • Enhanced Dashboard and Reporting 
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