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Top 5 Reasons You Should Care about your Hashtags

April 22nd, 2013 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Social Media

Facebook announced they will join Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and Google+, and support the use of hashtags. To hashtag one attaches the prefix “#” in front of key words and phrases. A common practice is to consolidate them into a string with no spaces between phrases (#RealEstateMarketing or #Branding). One benefit in using hashtags, it creates a searchable filter. A way to see other responses that include similar keywords and phrases.

A survey from ad platform, RadiumOne, found that 58 percent of respondents utilize hashtags on a regular basis and 71 percent of regular hashtag users do so from their mobile devices. As the humble hashtag has become more ubiquitous, businesses have found more creative ways to use them. Here are five reasons your business should embrace the hashtag.


Twitter has become a new marketing tool allowing you to advertise based on hashtags you create. Targeting ads by category or interest has never been easier. Unlike going after a general web surfer online, people who utilize hashtags are likely those who are engaging in the social media conversation and therefore more likely to share a positive experience with your brand once you have broken through. Especially with real estate. It is easy to target your areas or communities of service. For example, SM Sold can target an audience with #MarketingSolutions or #LuxuryRealEstate.


Since all major social networks are now supporting hashtags, new tools are bursting into the market. Tools that allow you to track a hashtag across all the major networks or filter them individually. You can promote your #RealEstateServices or even your #NewListings, and engage with customers across all platforms without having to create special landing pages or campaign for each. Since the hashtag can be your own brand or product, you can easily filter out the noise of the masses.


In some cases you want to see what the masses are saying. According to the RadiumOne survey, 43 percent of respondents think hashtags are useful and 34 percent use them to search/follow categories and brands of personal interest. Giving a customer your website URL does not ensure a conversation. Hashtags do. People like to interact and engage with each other. The conversation explosion that took place during the #SuperBowl this year broke a record with 4,064 tweets per second, according to Twitter.


It is important to note the use of hashtags is in its infancy. They are flexible, simple, and ubiquitous, and why more businesses are finding creative ways to add power behind the hashtag. It is time to get creative and showcase the unique personality of your business.


Say you desire to tweet about your #NewBlog posting on your website. There is no limit to the number of hashtags you can include. Keep it short, simple, and to the point. Choose the most important key words.  In your tweet about your new blog, it might be wise to include additional hashtags in regards to the posting topic such as #RealEstateNews or #RealEstateBlog. This will target your niche of interested buyers.

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