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The Best Practices of Successful Agents

March 14th, 2014 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Real Estate News, Real Estate Tips

Everyone wants to know what the key to success is... Well guess what - it\'s not just luck. Successful agents follow successful practices. No one can just be successful, you need to set an objective and work toward it. It\'s all about attempting and failing until you get it right.


The first tool you need to be successful is communication. Being able to effectively communicate with people is fundamental, but to be successful requires you to go above and beyond the common transactions.


How do you do this? Let us break it down for you.


Be quick to respond. In today\'s technological world, there is no reason for delayed responses when you receive electronic leads. It is expected that when a request is sent out, you reply in a timely manner. On top of that, be personal in your responses. Buyers and sellers want to know that they can receive a personal experience with you and not feel like money in your pocket.


You want your clients to trust you and that trust has to be earned. If they feel that they can rely on you, you are on your way to being a successful agent. Your job is to be a resource and you need to provide the information asked of you when needed. The best way to provide sound information is to listen to what your client is asking. The art of listening is an underutilized skill. If you spend too much time spouting data, you might miss opportunities to provide your skill and expertise when they are most needed. The best example of this is with social media. Everyday people post, tweet, or make a status about a topic they hope will pique someone\'s interest. More often than not, the number of responses are low. The key to connecting is listening and responding to other people\'s posts. You are starting a conversation by answering a question or posing another question. So all in all, listening to the conversation that your client wants to have will help you build the relationship you need to be successful.


Successful agents are there when needed and available when asked for. Where are you on the scale of communication? What do you think it takes to be a successful agent?