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Fall Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

October 15th, 2014 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Uncategorized, Services, Real Estate Tips, Remodel

It’s that time of year again, the seasons are changing and so is the weather. Stay ahead of wear and tear this season. Instead gear up for the elements with these Fall Home Maintenance Musts. 


1. Check your coat: Your home\'s paint is like an exterior coat, it’s what keeps you warm, shows your style and taste and in reality, keeps the elements out. According to experts, peeling pain is the first indicator that your home is in jeopardy of siding protection. In time, if not addressed, this issue can cause serious or permanent damage. 

2. Get Rid of the Trash: Clean out the Gutters: As the seasons change, so do the elements. Regardless of where you live, leaves are falling- everywhere. Often times, if not well maintained, fallen leaves can clog the gutters and downspouts. It\'s recommended that homeowners clean out the gutters and downspouts by flushing them with water, inspecting joints and Tightening brackets if and where necessary. Some home inspectors even go as far as recommending, built-in-leaf guards for extra protection. 

3. Seal it Up: Caulk Windows:  One of the best ways to conserve energy in the cooler months is to touch up the window caulking around your exterior windows and doorframes. This is the best way to prevent heat, even the ac in warmer months, from escaping. It is a quick  and easy DIY that will save you $$ in the end. You are also decreasing your chances of water getting in causing cracks or mold. 

4. Inspector Gadget: The Roof: The roof is a fundamental component of keeping the elements out and protecting the home. Changing elements such as wind, rain and ice can cause extreme damage over time. Inspecting your roof annually is a great way to be proactive and save money. Replacing a few shingles would cost a homeowner far less than a leaky roof in a snowstorm. 

5. Heating Things Up: Prep the Fireplace: With the cooler weather, many homeowners use their fireplaces. Be sure your fireplace is up to safety standards. Inspectors recommend having a licensed heating contractor conduct a check on your home heating system to ensure efficiency and longgevity of the system. 

6. Seal the Deal: The Driveway: Inspect the drive for cracks. This is another quick and easy DIY. Clean out and fill crack along the driveway with driveway filler and sealer to extend the life of the pavement. 

7. Cover the Air Conditioner: Home inspectors recommend covering all exterior air conditioning\'s with tarp of weather approved covering. Should you have a window operated system, remove from window and keep window shut in cool months. 

8. Prep the Deck: Clean and properly store all outdoor furniture away from the elements. Be sure to cover any BBQ or fire pit that could become tarnished or damaged from rain or snow. Add seller to deck to prevent damage of wood.