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9 remarkable content marketing tools for realtors

January 21st, 2015 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Uncategorized

There are a lot of content marketing tools available which are valuable. The key is to choose and select the tool that is important based on what has been measured and followed. The benefits of using content marketing tools is that it can help to manage the size of marketing content, which has to be created spread out, evaluated and managed. This is complex, time consuming and costly for many realtors so through the help of tools it is easy to create marketing content. Here are 9 content marketing tools which are useful for realtors.

First tool buzzsumo gives an in depth data, researching popular content to start writing which it provides in depth data on published articles. It is helpful to get the content people are sharing such as format of the content and ways to make it better to get more share.

Secondly, Co schedule blog post headlines analyzer tool to be used help to optimize the headlines to get the most clicks possible. Headline is the first and best reason to people click browse through the content so it is best to write good headlines to attract readers. For example site like buzz feed have grasped this method and built a business model that captures a lot of social media traffic by using great headlines and catchy content rather than relying on search engine optimization.

Third tool is to optimize the posts to get ranked in Google by investing in content marketing and by having SEO for all the posts. Where content marketing has a long term gain of ranking your content and bringing in organic traffic. Without proper real estate SEO optimization, half of the hard works go to waste.

Fourth, buffer it easy in scheduling social media posts easily. It is easy to schedule in advance by spending like an hour to set the posts and have it schedule for the whole week in advance for the whole social media site. It is real simple to use and great way to get start.

Fifth tool helps to get organized through the use of trello it is simple and it is a light weighted tool which helps to organize thoughts in a format similar to pinterest board.

Sixth, portent content idea generator which helps to come up with articles and posts, it is the best idea generator. Portent does good marketing which is helpful to come up with ideas.

Seventh, influencer to help share content through social media where followerwonk tool helps to bring in viewers to read the content.

Eighth tool Zen pen which helps to write well-designed format and stay focused which help to inspire to write the content by writing in the Zen pen format and copy and pasting to any chosen format.

Ninth utilizing an awesome free suite of tools which it helps to do a lot of different things such as popping up to help capture leads, content analytics to know how much of content has been read.

The benefit of using content marketing tools is that it increases the relevancy and efficiency of the content. Also improve the message consistency across all marketing channels and helps to collect more accurate customer data.