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5 digital marketing practices every brokerage should adopt

February 13th, 2015 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Uncategorized

Digital marketing success doesn’t revolve around marketing secrets and it revolves around marketing commitments. Most real estate agents fail on social media and digital marketing. It is better to put together a plan and sticking to it. With more stress on brokerages to recruit and market and produce best tools for their agents digital marketing often falls to the wayside. With some simple changes, brokerages can put themselves in a spot to not only compete online in their market but to be successful

Firstly, answer buyer’s questions and which should be focus and develop online strategy and brokerage trying to rank high in an organic search for keyword and terms for example Los Angeles real estate. Also the brokerage should focus on answering buyer’s questions which attracts more visitors. For example answering questions like where the safest neighborhoods are or which is the best suburb for raising a family is great way to attract more visitors.

Second, marketing practice start to move some more ads to spend online which is more cost effective to where the average cost for 4,000 impressions in a newspaper is $32 while the same impression on Facebook cost about $1.Where broker officers are still spending up to 60 percent of their ad budgets on print but 92 percent of people uses the internet to search for homes. Further Google search for real estate has increased and it is easy to target online ad camping through Facebook and Google ads.

Third, demonstrate your office culture where most real estate content online centers around the listings and posted repeatedly on social media .Most of the people seeing them are not interested in purchasing a house near future and issues with recruiting and selling them self-online. The best way to overcome above challenge by creating the content describing the company culture .Also through putting up pictures on social media of company get-together for example Halloween party snap shots. It is the best way to show the client or the recruit’s culture in the company which can be expected.

Fourth, set 90 days goal so that brokerages should rewrite digital goals every 90 days or regularly .Then looking at the current accounts and traffic patterns and keeping notes of numbers such as Facebook likes, Twitter followers and website traffic acquisitions. All numbers from the Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and Google Analytics.

Fifth, informing agents about online strategy which they are the biggest mobilizers in office marketing material. Also informing agents about sharing local and valuable content on Facebook page and making them to share and repost which would help the broker and agent alike. Most common strategy is to commit to monthly webinar by keeping it to a half an hour to hour in length for agent training such as social media.