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21 Hot Housing Trends for 2015

December 30th, 2014 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Uncategorized

Trends for the real estate come slowly after they appear in commercial spaces and fashion. It attracts sellers and the buyers even though the trends are just a change in direction which attract people and after some time it disappears and some trends stick for a while as classics. However here are 21 trends that are expected to attract and appeal the buyers and sellers in 2015.

First, trend is the coral shades is one of the easiest change for sellers to make which is easy to attract more buyers and it is the 2015 color of the year. Coral shades give a brighter outlook it more like a youthful color which is still sophisticated. It is more likely to use it outside or on an accent wall and paired with crisp white, gray or comparable colors such as lilac, green and violet.

Secondly, open spaces has become popular among the young generation even though it is old fashion. It is increasingly see as a layout in traditional condo building and single family urban house in 2015.Reason for the open plan is to make the kitchen the main hub and removing the all the walls for greater closeness. 

Thirdly, it’s off the shelf plans where buyers who do not wish to spend time and money in customizing the house has the option of choosing a house plan company to do it for the buyers. Also the buyers have more choice in selecting a company but they should pick the company that does updating layouts like open plan living, multiple master suites and greater energy efficiency.

Fourthly, detached tubs is the newest trend which it shows a cool sculptural hand and sometimes it might be harder get in and out for some people. Also these tubs complement other bathroom trends such as the wall niches and single wash basins.

Fifth, is quantize which is the latest trend while it still have the demand for granite as it is a neutral stone which is durable. Also it has no drawbacks of staining easily. Quartzite is moving ahead from last year to this year’s trend.

In sixth is the porcelain floors trend which is less expensive and available in several colors and textures. The popular one is the color combo with minor change for a hint of differentiation. The best place to use this type of material is area a lot of people move around in the house most of the time and areas which is expose to moisture.

Seventh trend is almost jetson ready where the price of the technologies is lower such as web controlled security cameras. Also newer models are easy to install and handle where it is powered by batteries rather than electricity which it does not require rewiring the entire house. It does not have different standards where the software platform allows numerous smart devices to be connected to each other.




Eight trends would be charging station due to the sizes of the electronic devices which is shrinking with technology developments and the increase demand for the Wi-Fi for the entire house. The home owners need a separate place to charge the devices where most popular place to charge device is the corner of a kitchen and entrance of the garage or the mud room.  

Ninth, trend is the multiple master suites by having master bedroom suites each with adjoining bathroom it is better for the house owners who are planning for several generations. It is a good plan for allowing grown children and aging parents who move in for short or long stays which is a good for the out of town guests which the suites can be located in the main level.

Tenth, trend is the fireplace and the fire pit which has a worldwide appeal warmth and togetherness. There are number of new versions on the market which make the facility available with more compact design. This year it is a popular trend to look out for on the classic stylish, contemporary takes compared to the humble wood stove.

Eleventh, wellness systems builders are more conscious about addressing environmental and health concerns with holistic solutions, such as heat recovery ventilation systems that filter air always and use little energy. There are new ways to improve healthfulness which include lighting systems that use sunshine, swimming pools that avoid chlorine and salt by containing a second adjacent pool with plants and gravel that cleanse water, and edible gardens starring ingredients such as curly blue kale.

Twelfth trend is storage where home owners prefer to have everything to have its place and eager to pare the dimensions of a second or third bedroom in order to expand a suitably sized walk in closet in their master bedroom. Also in the kitchen a super pantry on steroids with prep space, open storage, secondary appliances and even a room for wrapping gifts which it helps to keep the kitchen in order.

Thirteenth, grander garage is the newest trend which it includes temperature control, sleek glass doors, particular zones for home audiovisual controls, and a big sink or tub to wash pets. For home owners with deeper pockets, car lifts have gone residential so extra autos don’t have to be parked outside.

Fourteenth, trend keyless entry as builders start to switch to biometric fingerprint door locks with numerical algorithms entered in a database. Some systems authorize home owners to track who go in and out of the house.

Fifteenth trend is water conservation due to the concern of drought in California which is spreading and homeowners like to purchase rainwater harvesting tank and reservoirs, gray water systems, weather controlled watering stations, permeable pavers, drought tolerant plants, and no  or low mow grasses.




Sixteenth is a salon style walls trend by showing few different pieces on a wall and features work from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. The salon wall is displayed by using a common denominator for cohesiveness, such as the same mat, frame color, or subject matter. Then by keeping spaces them four to five inches apart by starting at the center and at the eye level and working outward, then up and down.

Seventeenth trend is cool copper which is 2015 metal which can display industrial warmth on large swaths or judiciously in a few backsplash tiles, hanging fixture, or pots dangling from a rack. The appeal comes from the popularity of industrial chic.

Eighteenth trend is  return to human scale in many living or family rooms that will mean just enough space for one conversation grouping, and in kitchens one set of appliances, fewer countertops, and smaller islands.

Nineteenth trend is luxury, stocking up on a luxury bedding for with a new mattress, comfortable pillows and calming scents. In 2015 people more concern about the health and it is better to get right amount of sleep which improves awareness, mood and efficiency according to national sleep foundation.

Twentieth trend shades of white kitchens regardless of all the differences in colors and textures for kitchen counters, backsplashes, cabinets, and flooring. All white kitchen still popular trend since variations add depth and visual appeal. White can go from stark white to creamy and beyond to pale blue-gray. When cabinets are white, home owners pick bigger, bolder hardware.

Last trend for 2015 is outdoor living will hold a few new options for improving the space, including outdoor showers in line to pools and hot tubs along with better equipped roof decks for urban residents. Also expect to see improvements in perks for pets, such as private dog runs and wash stations.