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October 17, 2013by: SM SOLDPosted in : Webites, Services, Real Estate Tips, New Homes, Marketing, Luxury, Client News

Marketing a luxury home is no easy task.  It takes the right resources, connections, and strategies to achieve a marketing solution that will expose your home to the desired clientele and sell the property in the time frame you’ve set.  Multi-million dollar homes require marketing techniques...

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October 04, 2013by: SM SOLDPosted in : Client News, Luxury, Marketing, New Homes, Real Estate News, Services

SM Sold Launches New Website for Gateway Real EstateSM Sold Launches New Website for Gateway Real Estate

SM Sold has recently launched a new website for Gateway Real Estate, an agency that specializes in ranches and new developments in Vail Valley, Colorado. Gateway was established in 1993 by Suzi Apple, a Vail Valley local since 1973. Determined to share her passion and awe for Colorado's beauty,...

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September 20, 2013by: SM SOLDPosted in : Services, Marketing, Client News

SM Sold Revamps Destin Real Estate Company E-Campaigns

Is your real estate business in need of e-campaigns? SM Sold’s creative design team can create custom e-campaigns to optimize your online marketing strategy with a sleek new look.  

Recently SM Sold revamped the design of e-campaigns for Destin Real Estate Company and has had an overwhelmingly...

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September 10, 2013by: SM SOLDPosted in : Social Media, Services, Marketing, Luxury

Looking to bring your business into social media marketing? A common question that is asked is what form of social media should I choose for my online business: creating a blog or having a Facebook fan page? It’s no secret that social media has become an overwhelmingly popular form of online...

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August 19, 2013by: SM SOLDPosted in : Social Media, Services, New Homes, Marketing, Luxury

Billionaire's Row La Jolla Launches New Blog

Billionaire's Row offer ther best possible service in the buying and selling of luxury real estate serving the most sought after regions in La Jolla, California.  Billionaire's Row caters to high end luxury buyer and seller has unique needs, special requests and exceeds expectations of exemplary...

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